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The Courtauld Institute of Art, London (2003-2005).

Created by Wrights & Sites, working with the visual artist Tony Weaver. Commissioned for the Courtauld’s sixth biennial East Wing Collection (‘Urban Networks’).

A Courtauld Mis-Guide is a 3000 copy print-run of a double-sided A3 map comprising four walks out into central London through the four gates of Somerset House. It offers a walk to the North, where you might discover a park-keeper’s house that used to be a morgue; a walk to the East, where you are invited to identify shapes in the architecture around you; a walk to the South, where you are encouraged to curate your own exhibition from the items washed up onto the beach by the Thames; a walk to the West, which takes you around the backs of glamorous hotels.

Images: Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith, Cathy Turner, Tony Weaver.

A Courtauld Mis-Guide