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Vienna (Austria), 2007.

Concept, curation, coaching and artistic direction by Wrights & Sites. Co-production by Tanzquartier Wien and Wiener Festwochen for the Vienna Festival 2007.

Wrights & Sites worked with 16 Viennese groups and individuals, both artists and non-artists, to bring 145 tours to Vienna over a three-week period. Stadtverführungen in Wien briefly opened doorways into temporary strata, taking you to wastelands, to usually guarded private places, on youthful tram rides, on safaris through the suburbs, to Mexico and beyond. Tours and audio walks. Toolkits to enable subtle street actions. Fragile interventions. Miniature guidebooks to change your gaze on familiar Vienna, invitations to tail and follow, and a race to elude the city through its escape routes and emergency exits.

Thanks to the other members of the expert jury: from the spheres of sociology and urban planning (Anette Baldauf), cultural philosophy and anthropology (Herbert Lachmayer), composition and music (Bernhard Lang) and architecture (Bärbel Müller). In memory of Marie Zimmermann (1955 – 2007).

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Images: Stephen Hodge, Tanzquartier Wien, Wiener Festwochen, art.tickles, Georges Schneider, Luciano Parodi.

Stadtverführungen in Wien (English description of the 16 works)